Neverending Hate and Judgement..

I don’t understand… don’t they understand!?

It’s almost like some kind of default programming in the head. It even doesn’t matter if that other  person is doing something wrong or not..
If the “program” is activated – it’s gonna scan and find something to hate, regardless..

People continuously judge and talk 💩 about others, but often fail to see their own misdeeds. They fail to see that it’s just a state of mind.

For them, its always someone else to blame. But when you point your finger at themselves – they explode! 🤯 😁

I’m so done with these kinds.

This weekend, I had to remove my very close childhood friend from my life, for this reason. I’ve just got sooo tired of listening to all that crap, which keeps you locked and doesn’t let you grow..

I don’t fucking care anymore..

Yes – The world is very unfair place and there’s so much wrong in it..
But there’s also so much good things to focus on.

It’s just a choice you make in your head on what you’re gonna focus and dwell on.

It’s all in your head..

Please realize – the sooner you realize this, the sooner you’re gonna be free…

Do you agree?

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